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rotring-hische GmbH was founded in October 2018 by former long experienced employees of Bilfinger Rotring Engineering GmbH and the long-standing manufacturing partner d-i davit international-hische GmbH.

We design and deliver Fuel Gas, Fuel Oil Supply and Treatment Systems. We are responsible for the installation and commissioning, modernization and rehabilitation of existing plants and provide training and services. We can offer the full range from basic engineering to turnkey installation, can provide from one single source, which guarantee highest quality at competitive costs. We are in the position to master the ever changing requirements of a globalized world.
The headquarter is still located in Germany, Buxtehude near Hamburg.

Our previously parent company Bilfinger SE made the decision to stop the commercial operation of Bilfinger Rotring Engineering GmbH in September 2018. Many of our long-time business partners/customers have been unsettled by this shutdown, especially due to the very fast and unexpected shut down.

With our manufacturing partner and over the decades, our knowledge could increase progressively more, and we have grown into a reliable partner for our customers. In order not to loose this knowledge and experience, the decision has been made to establish a new company. Likewise, this decision was also driven by the fact that the employees want to continue to give their customers support for the future.

We, with our team, are focused on meeting the required service for our customers as soon as possible and are already well on the way.

We hope to continue the successful and reliable shaping of future with our partners and customers.

Yours sincerely

Sven Dohse & Lars Esch
Managing Directors


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