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Main Filtration


Filtration in the main fuel gas supply system conditioning the gas so that the requirements of the consumers are already met. The design of the filtration is dependent on the technical operating data and mainly of the contamination with solids and liquids in the gas.

Filter sections

The main filtration can be roughly divided into two areas: The rough separation section and the fine separation (filter) section

Rough filter (pre-separation) section

In this section coarse separators are used to separate the large solid and liquid to protect the fine filters and to increase significantly their service life. The used type of the rough filtration are Scrubbers or Knock Out Drum systems.

Knock out drum

Fine separation (filtration) section

The various filter systems are used in the fine filter section. Starting with a simple cartridge filter up to multi-stage filter systems are used depending on the application. The various filter systems can be used vertically or horizontally depending on the design and requirements of the filtration.

3 x 50% Two stage vertical filter


Due to the different coarse and fine filter systems, there are almost a hundred different filter combinations. These filter combinations have to be used correctly in every project and require a high level of experience from the designer. We at rotring-hische have been working in the business area for more than 25 years and have a long list of experiences with the use of the various filtration’s.


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