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Local Control Panel


The Main Control panel for the common gas system is required for the control and operation of the gas system.

It indicates all alarms, warnings and status signals. Further to that it shows the system values like pressure, temperature, gas quality in case gas chromatograph is available and the relevant data of the flow metering.

Additionally the following functionalities are given:

  • Alarm handling and alarm receipt
  • Pre-selection of system lines in operation in case of motorized inlet valves
  • Pre-selection of Hot water heating systems in operation
  • Temperature control of heating facilities
  • Processing of incoming and outgoing signals from/to DCS
  • Release generation of ESD valve for opening
  • Level control and operation of drain system

The following variants are possible

  • Only relay operated system
  • PLC operated system with LED indication
  • PLC operated system with touch panel

Data transfer can be done by hardwired or if PLC is available also with bus system like Modbus or equivalent.

Main design criteria

PLC / Relays

Bus communication / hardwired

Touch panel / LED indication

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Amount of incoming feeder


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