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Custody Metering


Custody-transfer metering, usually 1 x or 2 x 100% capacity metering lines, is carried out by using gas flow meters. The measured gas flow will be corrected to standard temperature and pressure conditions by a flow computer.

Various flow measuring systems are used for gas measurement. The main types of gas measurements requested in international specifications are:

  • turbine metering
  • ultrasonic meter
  • mass flow meter (coriolis)
  • orifice meter

The main difference of the measuring systems are the measuring ranges and accuracies.

Electronic Gas Volume Corrector / Flow Computer

Microprocessor controlled calculation of standard volume of gas flow with pressure and temperature compensation according to AGA No 3/NX-8. Selectable indications of volume, flow, pressure and temperature.

2 x 100 % with bypass
Custody Metering
2 x 100% arrangement


Custody metering with bypass and z-loop

Sizes and pressure rating

Pipe sizes

DN 25 – DN 1000

Pressure rating

ANSI 150 / ANSI 300 / ANSI 600 ANSI 900

Main design criteria

System arrangement:

1 x 100%, 2 x 100%, 2 x 100% with Z-loop, with bypass, etc.

Spool piece included

Flow straightener included

Redundant design

Flow computer design

Code of flow calculation

High pressure calibration test with natural gas

High pressure calibration test, certified by authorized calibration facility.

All design criteria, sizes or pressure ratings can be offered on request


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