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Fine separation (filtration)


In general, fine filtering depends on how many solids or liquids are contained in the gas. There are various filtration systems, that can be divided into vertical or horizontal constructions. In addition, a second dividing can be made based on the filtration stages. In the following are some typical filter types listed:


  • 1 Stage – Cartridge filter, with cellulose or coalescer elements
  • 2 Stages
    first stage – baffle plate or single cyclone or multi cyclone
    second stage – cellulose or coalescer elements


  • 2 Stages
    first stage – coalescer elements
    second stage – demister or vane pack
  • 2 Stages
    first stage – baffle plate
    second stage – coalescer elements

These filter types are only a selection of the most required filter types by the international specifications. There is a large number of different filter systems that cannot all be listed here, but can also be offered by us on customer request

1 Stage – Cartridge filter
1 x 100% arrangement
2 Stages – horizontal
2 x 100% arrangement

2 Stages – vertical
3 x 50% arrangement

The different types are used according to the contamination of the gas with solids and liquids. A separation efficiency of 1µm for solids and liquids can be achieved.

Sizes and pressure rating

Pipe sizes

DN 25 – DN 1000

Pressure rating

ANSI 150 / ANSI 300 / ANSI 600 ANSI 900

Main design criteria

System arrangement: 1×100%, 2×100%, 3×50%, with bypass, etc.

Design code: ASME, AD2000, CE, NACE-Code MR 0175 / ISO 15156

Construction: vertical / horizontal

Cartridges: cellulose or coalescer

Davit, flange or quick opening closure

Condensate discharge (manual or automatic)

Corrosion allowance

Third party inspection

All design criteria, sizes or pressure ratings can be offered on request


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